Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm Doing It For The Kids

Smoking cigarettes has become very politically un-correct. I smoke cigarettes at times. Mostly when I am drinking, but at times out of boredom. Today, I was at the bus stop. While waiting for the bus, one other person was waiting on the bench. I was smoking a cigarette. I purposely sat approximately 5 feet away on a cement wall near the bus stop from the other person, so as not to get my nasty habit smell on them. They then got up, moved another 5 feet away, and shot a disparaging look at me. Ironically, they were listening to their ipod. Isn't that the international sign for ignore me? It was not an enclosed area, nor was I intentionally in their space. Yet, I was offended, as apparently was he.

I know smoking is bad. I know it causes and adds to many diseases. But if I didn't smoke, who would help the children? Tobacco taxes solely go to education and soon, children's health care. I have no children at home. I pay cash for my children's continued education. I don't smoke around children.

I do, however, have to send out a big FUCK YOU to all those people who have given me dirty looks whilst I smoke in places reserved for smokers (as lonely as they may be), or in open spaces. The bus stop placed precariously on the public city sidewalk. How dare they!

I know it's not enough that taking public transportation is a benefit to our society, go green. But now I am chastised for helping our youth?! I have a mind to just give it up. Let you parents foot the bill. Let these progeny become the acorn that doesn't fall far from the unappreciative tree.

To all those with children, against those who smoke...I challenge you to a duel. Let the best retard win, then run our country!

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