Monday, March 23, 2009

The Flip Flop Fiasco

Summer is approaching fast and flip flops are all the rage. The flip flop keeps feet cool while showing off that new pedicure with the latest OPI color (I'm Not Really A Waitress is among my favorites). The flip flop is a popular shoe for the summer season, yet, last year at my office job, there was a big hullabaloo regarding this style of shoe. I am still unsure what caused all the ruckus but, the shoe was banned by management. Memos were sent, and some managers walked around checking feet (sorry Clair).

The first memo I saw was on an e-bulletin board which read, "Please relay to all staff that flip flops are not allowed. Have all your managers be consistent". The proletariat became angry putting letters to the management in a comment box. Some of these contained complaints such as, "Please let it be known, that a few individuals have been asked to discontinue wearing flip flops or were asked to go home and change. The following day several persons from the same area were wearing flip flops with no reprimand given to those persons. Please explain to me why it is acceptable for some to wear these shoes when others cannot? I suggest that a general dress code needs to be developed for the entire agency, not for some" and "Are House shoes OK? What about bare feet? Sending someone home for the shoe -- Duh". The policy was vague and clarification was needed.

The second memo was sent, "
The referral to "flip flops" in the dress code is for the plastic or rubber "shower" shoes. This does NOT apply to other types of "flip flops" or sandals that are made of leather or other appropriate man-made materials". Here I thought rubber was an appropriate man-made material. Poop, on the other hand, I consider to be an inappropriate man-made material. But what do I know?

Co-workers began tattling on one another. I thought to myself, these are professionals, right?! Shouldn't they be working instead of worrying about what type of shoe one has on ones feet? I know I can't get any work done when someone near me is wearing flip flops. I just want to know the name of their toenail polish, and whether I can I borrow it on break. A friend with a sense of humor, who likes to make funny videos, brought her camera in, walked around filming feet, asking folks if their sandals were flip flops. These buffoons became irate, then started a rumor that management had asked her to film feet (again, sorry Clair) for proof of blatant disregard of this new policy.

Now with the warm weather upon us, I must decide if I want that new pair of Havaianas made of rubber costing $25.00 or, that pair made of leather from Nine West at a cost of $95.00, which, I may or may not be able to sport at work. I think I'll just stick to the Converse. Thanks Chuck Taylor, I knew I could always count on you for that professional look.


  1. Yet another reason Chucks totally rule.

  2. This is Texas. It ain't a shoe if you didn't have to kill an animal to make it!