Monday, October 26, 2009

Time I Will Never Get Back

Last week I attended a monthly meeting at the office job. There was an agenda written, as per usual at meetings. However, the first topic of discussion was not on the agenda. The topic, and I kid you not, was about the wall clocks in the buildings where I toil every weekday. The specifics of this discussion were regarding the changing of said wall clocks. Apparently, there seem to be wall clock fairies who change the time on the clocks to make it look like they are either on time, or leaving at their scheduled time.

The folks who work in the facilities management department stated these clocks were atomic clocks. I beg to differ. I think facilities just said they were atomic clocks to scare employees. Atomic is a scary word. But, in reality, these clocks are just wall clocks made in clock sweat shops that are bought in bulk by the state. They are not atomic clocks for in the actual "clock" of an atomic clock there is an electronic oscillator operating at microwave frequency. The oscillator is arranged so that its frequency-determining components include an element that can be controlled by a feedback signal. The "atomic" part is used to generate a feedback signal to keep the oscillator tuned to the correct frequency. My understanding of this concept, and granted I am not a scientist, is that the clock will default back to the correct time.

This discussion went on for a good 20 minutes before co-workers suggested remedies to the clock changing problem. Perhaps...a metal guard over the clock to block clock changers. Burglar bars for clocks...I see a money maker that will profit from government coffers being gouged by stupid ideas. Maybe...take all the wall clocks out of the building. That was vetoed based on the assumption that the wall clocks were there for the purpose of orienting one to the area in which they work. I know I would not be able to find my cubicle if there were no wall clocks. I would be looking around like a mouse in a maze. How about this idea...use the clock on one's computer to monitor in and out times. It would work like the old punch card time clock system...except different.

I am baffled by the nonsense that wastes my time. Time I will never get back!

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  1. Ask one of the clock faries to give you your time back. I spent, and I kid you not, 4 hours on one con call yesterday listening to arrogent techs blame each other for a server not working, then for them both to turn around and blame me...... it ended up being them. bastards