Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Peligro Resacas

I have been trying to expand my Spanish vocabulary. I have mostly been doing this through reading billboards, other types of signs, pamphlets, and announcements given while riding public transportation. It has come in handy when I try to impress co-workers from Honduras and Mexico. Although they generally look at me like I am loca, or crazy for those of you who don't know the Spanish language.

While on my yearly vacation to Cocoa Beach, Florida this past July, I came upon a sign on my way to the beach. It read, Peligro Resacas. When translated into English it means Danger Riptides. A Riptide, also known as an undertow, is a strong channel of water flowing away from the shoreline, typically through the surf line. These currents are a source of danger (hence peligro) for people, dragging swimmers away from the beach and leading to death by drowning when they attempt to fight the current and become exhausted. But recently, this phrase brought new meaning to me.

There are many different personalities (personality disorders would be more appropriate) when one works in an office building with more than 1,000 people. Being the professional that I am, I try to overlook the bullshit, and just do my job. But ultimately, I am sucked into drama that I have nothing to do with, nor care about (peligro resaca).There are a few nut jobs that try to get me involved in their craziness. I try to swim along the shoreline to avoid getting sucked into the undertow, but leads to death by drowning my sorrows in vodka at the end of the day.

There is the person who asks you a question, and when you give them the answer they don't believe you. You know what?! This is why there is the internet, and other hard copy reference materials. Figure it out for yourself. Don't suck me into your stupidity. There is the person that complains about others being loud, and they are the loudest person in your area. Not only by talking over cubicles, crunching snacks, crackling open that bag from which their crunchy snacks come, but also invading personal space with scents such as patchouli. Three feet of personal space is the required norm.

Oh, and when you point the finger at others, there are always three pointing back at you. There are those that complain about the job. I have four words for you. Get a new job.

Wow, that WAS exhausting. I am going to swim along the shore, and tread water when I get to a calm place. Peace.

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