Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sky Masterson and Nathan Detroit Return in 'Bros and Bitches'

Okay, this blog is not about a sequel to the fabulous Guys and Dolls. There is no sequel to this musical (none that I am aware of anyway). But, I did hear Guy Ritchie is working on a remake starring Justin Timberlake, which I will TOTALLY go see on opening day. JT is H-O-T! He brought sexy back. Or, at least lyrically, is bringing sexy back.

A question I do have is whether or not JT will be paid with a marker aka an IOU? That is, if the state of California is footing the bill. That's right, the state controller of California has been forced to pay taxpayers, local governments and small businesses with IOU's, or markers as they are known by the gamblers of the 1955 film. Maybe the Governator's favorite musical is Guys and Dolls. Maybe he thinks of himself as Sky Masterson whose markers were always good. Nathan Detroit's not so much. Poor Miss Adelaide.

The state of California has decided these taxpayers, local governments and small businesses must not need cash in these tightened economic times. They only need a marker. If the suave Sky Masterson can get the dowdy Sergeant Sarah Brown to go with him to Cuba, then why can't California get it's contractors, citizens, and the like to swallow the same lines? "Something you want for something I want."..."Have dinner with me tomorrow night."..."Keep this. It's my marker."..."My IOU for one dozen genuine sinners delivered as described." Oh...that's right. Americans (Californians included, sans the Cuban and Cuban-Americans thanks to Obama) still can't get to Cuba without first going through another non-American port.

The majority affected by these shenanigans are those that have contracts with the state for certain services. For example, the company that provides french fries to the California prison system. They received an IOU. They can take it to one of three major banks who will honor the marker, only through this Friday. Then, perhaps they may be able to pay their employees if one of these banks is the same bank from which they write their payroll checks. Otherwise, they will be at the mercy of credit unions, check-cashing storefronts, and Craigslist entrepreneurial enthusiasts offering .85 cents on the dollar for these markers.

It must be known too that Ah-nold wanted to borrow millions from local governments and release some prisoners early to save money. I applaud the Governator for trying to cut the budget. But at the same time, perhaps he should barter with McDonald's for french fries. That would be a win-win situation. What inmate wouldn't want Mickey D's fries? Everyone is "Lovin' it" on the outside.

I have an idea Mr. Schwarzenegger. If you love your state so much, why don't you marry it? Sorry, that was so 3rd grade. But seriously, why not take some of those millions earned from your films, and pay down California's debt? It would be like giving back to your community.

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  1. How about we cut back the traveling expences and lush living and traveling quaters of govenment officials. I'm not talking pay cut, but how about fly business class and staying at holiday inn.