Wednesday, July 22, 2009

NPR Hearts PBR

Pabst Blue Ribbon is now a sponsor of National Public Radio's show All Things Considered. Actually, they have been for a while. Is it just me, or did NPR become less highbrow with this latest addition to it's sponsors? I had always thought of NPR as catering to the intellectual crowd. Those that like fine wine, classic literature, and the fine arts. Pabst Blue Ribbon conjures up dive bars, knife fights, and bikers...not the intelligentsia. When I think of All Things Considered, I think of the wine snob drinking Chateauneuf-du-Pape, not the local drunk drinking Pabst.

PBR was founded in 1844 by Jacob Best in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Milwaukee, a place you can go see the Brewers play baseball. Where inevitably, you will see many a drunk fan with no shirt, painted body parts, fighting in the bleachers. The ball park is now called Miller Park (the Miller Brewing Company took over production of PBR in 1999). Milwaukee does not bring to mind left-leaning suits on their drive home slamming some brewskies, listening to a mix of news, interviews, commentaries, reviews and offbeat features. Okay...maybe during the offbeat features.

I find it hard to believe that any of the three hosts, Robert Siegel, Michele Norris or Melissa Block are pounding Pabst after a hard days broadcast. I do however remember the movie 'Blue Velvet', where the characters Frank Booth (Dennis Hopper) and Jefferey Beaumont (Kyle MacLachlan) have a heated exchange regarding beer. The seedier Booth asks Beaumont, "What kind of beer do you like to drink, neighbor?" Beaumont replies, "Heineken." Booth shoots back with "Heineken? Fuck that shit! Pabst Blue Ribbon! " I could believe the hosts of All Things Considered sipping Heinekens. But chugging PBR? I think not.

I know it is only an advertiser (sponsor). In the same way I also know that Andi McDowell, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Beyonce really don't use Loreal Hair Color from the box for their lovely locks. They go to a professional who uses only the finest products to obtain that color and sheen. But then again, I have heard using a beer rinse on one's hair makes it stonger and fuller.

So here's to you All Things Considered, a toast with PBR in hand, to a stronger and fuller hour of NEWS!


  1. PBR makes me think of college students and hipsters so the PBR think may make sense. When I think of drunkard crushing beer cans on their head, throwing them at their kids, and then yelling at the wife to bring them a new one, I think of Natural Light or Schlitz

  2. I have a Bachelors Degree from a great college. I Work a 9 to 5 job as a marketing director. And yes, I listen to NPB and love PBR.